Each year, more people start using Twitter. All of them tweet about different things and when you have a lot of Twitter friends, it might be hard to get to the information you want. Twitter and many other Twitter applications (like Seesmic/TweetDeck to name a few) show the updates of all the people you follow on your timeline making it hard to see wood for trees.

TweetWatch allows you to get an overview of the status updates of the people you choose, ideal when you have friends who tweet about the same kind of thing (e.g: news, an ongoing event,…)



TweetWatch will be available soon on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. I plan on adding some other cool functionality once the Mango update has been rolled out.

Planned Improvements

– Automatically refreshing the tweets each (x) seconds.

– Ability to import people you are following on Twitter.

– Support for multiple Live Tiles to quickly pin an user to the Windows Phone 7 homescreen.


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