About Me

About me

  • IT student in High
  • Aged 17
  • Belgium
  • Passionate about IT, game development, and role-playing games.
  • Thorough: Visual Basic, C#, HTML, CSS, Windows OS
  • Enough to put it to good use: Javascript, Windows/Linux batchscript, XNA, Photoshop, SQL Server Data Management
  • Briefly touched: Python
  • Things I want to touch: DirectX API, Twitter API and F#
2011 – 2012:  Goal

Inexorably improve my skills of C# and XNA.  Elevate my C# knowledge to a lower and  professional level by using advanced structures and techniques accross a variety of fields. Getting an advanced knowledge about 2D gamedevelopment & mathematics especially related to translation, collision algorythms and RPG-oriented game development.

Driving force

People often don’t realize how much effort others put in creating something. In the world of IT, I can only fully comprehend and master something when I know its inner workings. In the end, my skills in programming & gamedevelopment might not be ample enough, but mastering them, I will have.


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