December Work: Unity Splinetool and Chrome Jisho Extension


In December I had some free time during the holidays so I decided to create 2 small side projects.

First up I made an editor extension in Unity that allows you to draw a path by using Bezier curves inside the editor. You can quickly generate a complex path and extrude a mesh around it, either horizontal (i.e a road) or vertical (a wall). It’s a neat tool when you quickly need a path for an object to follow, or when you’re prototyping and quickly need a road/wall instead of working with the generic basic geometry Unity provides.

You can see the code over at GitHub and I’ve made a small overview video:

Next up, while studying Japanese I’ve found myself frequently going to, a popular Japanese dictionary to look up words. It annoyed me to have to always open a tab, navigate to the page, type the word, close the tab and go back. I made a small Chrome plugin making this a little easier:

Sure, there’s Rikaikun which translates text on a webpage when you hover over a word, but it’s not that useful when you’re watching a video, or want to look up an English word. With my extension you can easily look up a word while staying on the page you’re viewing, and I’ve used it A LOT ever since I made it. I couldn’t live without it, so I decided to also throw that online. It’s not in the Chrome store, but you can also fetch it over at GitHub.



Lately I’ve also been working on a small rendering framework in OpenGL to maintain my C++ skills, which I’ll use to experiment with various rendering techniques, but more on that later. 🙂



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  1. Diede Apers says:

    Good too see you are still working on stuff! I can’t wait myself to dive into DX12 (waiting for Luna’s book) and Vulkan. Keep up the good work, Nick!

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