Recap of a nerdy RPG student – 2014


WordPress sure has changed, that’s the first thought that goes trough my head when writing this post. I haven’t blogged in quite a while so I guess this blog post will serve as a quick recap of what happed since my last blog post.

A couple of blog posts ago I was predicting my exam results for last year, I passed those exams and went to the second year of university. Second year was a nice year, all courses had been given a content facelift and we claimed some new land, The Level, our new course building. This was some adjusting for both the students and teachers, and not everything went so smooth sometimes. Still, my courses were more programming oriented and I learned some awesome stuff. With this DAEnext upgrade our school’s website got a facelift too



Highlight of the year for me was the school’s America/Canada study trip where we went to Seattle and Vancouver to do some map completion and visit some popular game development companies and schools along the way. We visited companies like ArenaNet, Valve (yes we saw Gabe), Vancouver Film School, EA and Microsoft (God that food court). Visiting these companies and walking around a city like Seattle after the Seahawks won the superbowl felt magical and dreamlike, and reaffirmed my dedication to the games’ industry. 

As for my personal life, not much interesting has happened. School’s done and I passed all courses so I got a 3 month holiday. I’m working in my parents… restaurant to earn some extra money to pay off my Japan trip me and some friends are wanting to make after we graduate next year. And if I didn’t do something like that I would probably lock myself up in my room so it’s good to go outside now and then.

I’m still living in a dorm during school, only going home during weekends. The last couple of weeks during the exams were pretty rough, and some weekends it felt like I didn’t come home at all because there always was some school deadline that needed some work. It’s good to finally be home and /feel/ my home again, taking advantage of my PS3, some family time with my parents, our garden, our kitchen to cook my own breakfast, my piano. Sure, I love my dorm and friends I got there (I can’t wait to go back), but sometimes I just need my home to destress and run at lower framerate but with an increased resolution in an instanced area, if you know what I mean. =) 


I also hope I can focus this holiday on exploring 2 of my interests, RPGs and UI design. I’ve kinda put them on the sidelines lately, something I really regret. (Blame Square Enix >>”) For RPGs… I really love them, I have tons of high hopes for the genre and a vision where it should go next gen, but I’m also worried for the future of the genre… so I’ll probably blog about my ideas in the future. I long to play something like Final Fantasy X(II)(I) or Xenoblade Chronicles again, and one day, help in the development of such titles.

As for UI/UX design, it’s something I always do subconciously, look at  games, software, websites, GPS systems (ugh) UIs and try to improve them in my head, and maybe I should document that more. 

What’s up next? This month’s pretty much daily part-time work, In September me and parents are taking a lovely holiday to Portugal, and the third year of school starts =) In the meantime I should have a portfolio site ready (and maybe, an actual portfolio *cries* too), and I still have to practice for my driver’s license (my temporary expires in December *cries even more*) Maybe in the meantime get a small Windows Phone app or game across? There’s so much I want to do, so little time, and not always the motivation. Whatever it is, I want to hone my love for RPGs and game developers like Square Enix, BioWare, Larian, Monolith Software or Namco (I’ve been implementing RPG mechanics in some of my coding projects this year, but I’d love to do some more).

See you all soon, N out.


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