Stories in gamedevelopment #0

It’s good to write things down, and I have SO many things to say on gamedevelopment. Let’s start simple: Dream.Build.Play 2012. (DBP)

My life’s kinda hectic right now, with my school/internship taking up the majority of the time. When I discovered DBP was open to people outside the US, over 14 years old, I immediately signed up.

My past software projects, NickleBreaker and TweetWatch, were very small and had more of an educational purpose. I learned a lot from developping them, and I’ve achieved a good understanding of how to make a complete solution from scratch to the marketplace in either XNA, Silverlight or WPF.

With the DPB challenge I decided to create an XNA game for Windows Phone. It feels really good to open up Visual Studio in the evening and work on it for a brief (or not so) moment. I don’t really know what I’ll be doing, but I don’t want it to devote my whole spring to this game. I also am no math genius so complicated physics games à la Cut The Rope or Angry Birds are way out of my league. I’m also not an artistical genius, so finding and developping assets might be hard too.

I quickly settled on making a Castle Defense game for several reasons:

  • The only castle defense game I played before was Plants vs Zombies, and it’s fair to say I was addicted to it. I might be able to give my game a few unique treats as I’m not clouded by any other castle-defense titles out there.
  • It doesn’t contain too much complicated mathematics
  • I absolutely love RPGs and would love to incorporate some heavy RPG elements into it (experience, levels, skills, character growth system). If I’m really hooked, I might turn it into a SRPG like Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre

I really hope I can pull this off without losing track of other things I have to do. I remember with NickleBreaker I promised myself to only work 30 minutes a day, but it ended up much more. I can’t work in units of time, I work in units of development milestones (small ones ; ). I can only relax when a certain part is finished and works properly. With NickleBreaker I encountered a lot of problems sucking away my time. With this project I’m hoping to do better. I have working prototypes ready showcasing basic grid functionality, and thanks to past experience and good use of object-oriented programming, things seem to be moving nicely and scalable.

As I said before, it’s a delight working on this after a long day at school (where I’m poured in PHP and inexperience to do the job properly [more on that later]). I’ll keep you posted on everything gamedev, I still have so much I want to write down.

See you soon, here or on Twitter.

~ Nick


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