Excitement BUILDs while Microsoft stays quiet

Tomorrow Microsoft will host its first and annual //BUILD conference, something fans have been eagerly awaiting for months now. Tomorrow’s the big day. Press has been going crazy, I’m going crazy, random people on Twitter are going crazy, heck, even Microsoft employees are going crazy. Tomorrow’s a big day for PC users, no matter how you twist and turn it. Alongside Windows 8 and some of  its revolutionary unannounced features, Microsoft is also expected to give the first details about Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5 and Internet Explorer 10. It might even get better if they decide to announce Office 2012 and a new version of Windows Live on the same day.

Tomorrow I’ll post details on the available liveblogs and livestreams but in this post I’ll simply throw some links and quotes so you can see the BUILDing excitement yourself.

What I expect from Windows 8, Ed Bott on ZDNet

Microsoft Build: Developer topics to watch, Mary-Jo Foley on ZDNet

The Excitement BUILDs: Here Comes Windows 8, Paul Thurrotth, WinSupersite

My next OS is better than your next OS

Just the right blend of excitement and aggression, right? The reason is simple: Windows 8 is going to blow us away. And while I already know a lot about Windows 8, much of which I’ve agreed not to communicate publicly until the big public unveiling on Tuesday, suffice to say, it’s heady stuff. Microsoft has already publicly commented that this will be the biggest change to Windows since Windows 95, which was a purposeful way of setting the bar pretty high, but what I know so far bears out that claim.

Microsoft to give out Windows 8 build 8100 at BUILD conference Owen Williams, Neowin.net

Microsoft prepares to BUILD its Windows 8 future Tom Warren, WinRumors.com

Described by Microsoft’s own CEO, Steve Ballmer, as the company’s “riskiest” product bet, Windows 8 has to deliver at BUILD. Microsoft needs to wow developers with its approach and provide a unique way to experience Windows across PCs, laptops, tablets, phones and TVs. The company’s strong product convergence should prove that it is serious about new form factors and technologies. It’s now up to developers to heed Microsoft’s message and embrace the multiple ways that Windows 8 apps will be accessible from across a number of different devices and experiences. Expect to see Windows Phone apps on Windows 8, Xbox LIVE baked in and some surprises along the way. All the signs point to some impressive integration and a real ecosystem for all devices.

Get Involved

Twitter BuildingWindows8 List

hashtags: #bldwin / #build

Please look forward to tomorrow, humanity is on the verge of a new era of computing, and that era starts tomorrow.

Reasons why I’m excited:

  • Windows 8 will be a major overhaul of Windows, and I’m not talking about the user interface.
  • Windows 8 will have a new and (judging from Windows Phone 7) awesome user interface, both Metro & the legacy desktop. Are the times of crowded desktops finally over?
  • Possibility of seeing Visual Studio and many other products announced tomorrow.
  • Microsoft keeping so many things under wraps for such a long time, which means they’ll only show something that’s good.
  • Possible launch of a revolutionary product (I mean, invention of elektricity-ish revolutionary, not iPhone-ish “revolutionary”) if they’re able to successfully split the Metro desktop and the more powerful “Legacy” desktop.

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