Microsoft to officially talk about Windows 8 at WPC next week


I usually don’t do this “announcement of an announcement” type of posts, but as we’re all Oh So Much excited for Windows 8, us techies are in for a real treat next week.

According to WinRumors, two sources have confirmed that Microsoft will be talking new about Windows 8. The new information will be “substantial” and will result in a second “Building Windows 8” video. With all the criticism of Microsoft seemingly leaving WPF/Silverlight developers in the cold, let’s hope they’ll discuss this in detail during this conference.

WPC conference (Worldwide Partner Conference) is aimed at providing Microsoft partners an insight in future activities. This event starts on July 11th, with keynotes from Steve Ballmer and Jon Roskill, most likely being streamed here.

WinRumors also reports that Microsoft will release a pre-beta (CTP build) of Windows 8 to attendees, though until this rumors gather some more buzz and sources, I suggest you to take that with a Microsoft Store full of salt. Nevertheless a pre-beta build is a possibility, Microsoft followed a similar strategy for Windows 7: a Pre-Beta at PDC, and a Beta version at CES several months later.

With something as big as Windows, and a conference as important as WPC, it’s impossible to leave out Windows 8, so please look forward to next week.

Source: WinRumors


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